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New & Replacement HVAC Installation

Technician Working on HVAC Unit - HVAC Installation

HVAC Unit - HVAC Installation

Whether you need a new system and ductwork, or seek to replace aging equipment, count on Tenpenny Heating & Air. Our Murfreesboro, Tennessee, company offers HVAC installation by knowledgeable technicians.

New Installation

Call on us to install systems during new construction or within an existing home. Our team provides the system and all the equipment necessary for your new installation. The type of system we use depends on your home's heating and cooling requirements, as well as how you plan to operate your new system. 

Replacement Systems

Completely replacing an aging heating or air conditioning unit is recommended when your system is no longer working, or develops a number of problems that reduce its efficiency. Installation of a new unit and modern ductwork helps increase energy efficiency and meets today's building codes.

Warranted Products & Service

Most of our new systems carry a five-year manufacturer's warranty, which is expandable to 10 years by simply registering online. Our team handles this registration on your behalf and adds our own one-year warranty against any installation defects.

Contact us to have our HVAC installation specialists set up your new air conditioner, or replace an outdated system.